grateful fear

February 2, 2008 Amy BooksChildrenFriendsMedical SchoolMy MomThe FutureTRAVEL

I spent my first day off from studying in four weeks sprucing up my living room. My wonderful Mom helped me build some shelves (she did it I was too busy having a mental breakdown) last Tuesday. Today I filled them with books and pictures and momentos from my journeying. I have a travel shelf […]



Make Out Manners 2 and Misc

January 15, 2008 Amy BooksDisability StuffFriends

Thanks to all the comments on Make Out Manners. I have never had so many comments on my blog. I suppose I know what everyone wants to talk about it So far there has not been a repeat of the situation but I am pondering confronting my roommate sometime before the weekend because I have […]



a Stream of Consciousness

March 20, 2007 Amy BooksDisability StuffMedical SchoolRomania

“The non-disabled world tells disabled people generally that our lot is unavoidably tragic, and if we’re smiling, we’re smiling through tears and despite suffering. In the face of those powerful social forces, I believe that lving our strange and different lives, however we choose and manage to live them, is a contribution to the struggle […]




January 7, 2007 Amy BooksFriends

My roomies and I had one of those amazing bookish conversations where we were pulling stuff off our shelves and exclaiming things like oh “I LOVE CS Lewis or Handmaiden’s Tale is a book every woman should read or oh my gosh The Red Tent will change your life or Every Christian should read Poisionwood […]



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