True Story…Best weekend….

April 22, 2012 Amy General

1. I only live 5.5 hours from Asheville….I swear life will never be the same.

2. Mountains calm and center me.

3. As much drama on and off the stage….Parables was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. The people are my second family (along with Sacred Tuesday crowd). I can walk into a room with two parables one of whom I have barely seen in the last four years…and pick up right where we left off. Within 5 mins we can discuss death, books, chest tubes, Jesus and Africa. Its like coming home after a long trip.

(side note…10 mins in someone says…so do you want a team to go to Africa…because I think we should go….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (squeal)….much prayer and contemplation)

4. I fail at relationships of the romantic variety.  If I have one more guy-girl relationship that turns into an awkward guy-girl friendship I will need therapy because i will no longer be able to hold myself in from doing something I will regret (like hitting people).  OH MY HECK. I am going to die an old maid (but with the greatest friends).

5.  There are functional churches that love people, Jesus, are made up of multiple races, political ideals and generations….they just don’t exist in this CITY.  But there is hope that at some point in my life I might live somewhere that has such a place.

6. Used book stores are AMAZING. (WHERE ARE THE USED BOOK STORES IN THE MIDWEST?!?!?!!?!?!?)

7. I need to talk about non medical things more often.

8. Board Games….why did I give you up? (MED SCHOOL…booo!)

9. Theology…..why did I stop studying you?  (MED SCHOOL!! booo!)

10. Can we do this again next weekend??? if only.

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