Stolen Idenity

April 22, 2012 Amy Disability StuffResidencyThe Future

When I was in medical school, every day was HELLO…(awkward stare)….yes I am the token med student in a wheelchair.  Can we get past this?  Because every where I went (even peds) we talked about this continuously.

Then I came here i was doctor and no one really ever asked any questions.

and for a while it was amazing. Very liberating. To make matters even more amazing, I had a new hip and was walking more and more and more till I worked my way to a second hip.

Then somewhere in the mist of a new hip…3 straight months of ICU/step down units in the middle of a midwest winter….I awoke from my liberation to realize.

oh crap.

while I do not want to be a primary care doc or a developmentalist or a geneticist….I am gonna be bummed if disabled children are not part of my career personally and professionally.

It took me another month and two weeks of developmental peds and a few very persistent children for me to say that aloud but here we are.

This is going to greatly complicate life.

oh well. here we go. I need a pediatrics job that lets me A. be a hospitalist, B. Teach, C. Go abroad and D. work with kids with disabilities.

here’s to the impossible…


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