March 5, 2012 Amy General

I usually am quite adaptable being a Navy Brat and a Gimp.

But on my third month’s of sleep deprivation in a ROW, I am anxious and a wee bit strung out. Easily in a state of anxiety. Somewhere in the mist of all that I finally got the courage to try out different churches.
My second try, I met a Kenyan and  a Ukrainian, we talked East African tribes, Swahili , sekuma (food item) and the Belarussian dictators, freedom of speech and about my Romanian babies. It was like coming home by remembering leaving home.  The Americans I met were nice too.  The church is less than a mile from my current one.

The Kenyan and I are getting together and making Kenyan food next Saturday so why do I feel anxious and why oh why do I feel sad about leaving a place that really not supported me well and/or theologically fed me entirely. Is it just because its March and Im exhausted? Is the Sam’s Purse situation? Is it the people I am leaving behind, one family in particular who is one of my best friends from the residency program?

or is it that I should just be the voice of change for the next 14 months and just stay where I am because no place is perfect? And either way I have new Kenyan friends….

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