Confessions, awkward prayers, awakened possibilities

February 2, 2012 Amy JesusMissionsRandomThe Future

Well I told someone exactly how I feel in terms of being a bad evangelical.

It was not my pastor. It was a kind man about my parents’ age who is also a bad evangelical who runs an intentional community.  I am not quite where he is, in that I am pretty sure he simply sees Jesus as a moral teacher. But I so greatly appreciated his story, his life and his willingness to listen to my story.

He told me that he had built his career as a missionary and now has very little to show for it because now he has evolved into a liberal that is no longer accepted in evangelical circles.  His biggest advice was to not end up that way. It will be different from me as a physician but still very good advice.

Literally 15 mins after that I sat in a strange yellow room on a sofa saying I wanted prayer for the choices I had to make.  Two things were abundantly clear to me in that moment.  This guy who is my pastor really doesn’t know me so well and well as a result its awkward. And then I also realized that while he and I on paper have similar theology, our application of that theology is completely different.  I handed them my reference form and ran to PT.

So I stand in the middle of these two extremes.  And for now that is ok.  The reality is for now I am a liberal evangelical and I am ok with that.


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