Compassion Found

June 20, 2011 Amy gardenJesusRandomResidency

I am back on the wards after two months being elsewhere. I read back over my last post and marvel at the burnout I had three months ago.  Its not all gone but its better.  I smile at children again, I savor the little things and I am in awe of all that we can do with our seemingly infinite resources with medicine here. And more than anything I care again, I have found my compassion and my heart for this work.  I am in month 12/12 of internship, I have 24 days to go and I will be a 2nd year. :)

I also have  a new house that will one day have a garden and already has a roommate and a dog. The house has big windows, nooks and crannies and secrets it seem that hide amongst its 100 year old walls. Its also a minutes walk from a little Square where there is several cafes, coffee shops, a post office, a library and  a small park with fountain.It reminds me of being in Barcelona or Paris with the square, the occasional street noise reminds me of Bucharest  but my big back yard, my trees and my big windows remind me of North Carolina (the 80 degree weather is helping too). The history and the big porch remind me of my beloved Virginia mountains. Its a prefect blend of my favorite places. For the first time since moving here for residency, I feel like I have a home and am not merely camping waiting for my life to restart again in three years.

I sing of your mercies…..

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