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President Obama’s budget as it stands will substantially slash pediatric graduate medical education (PEDIATRIC RESIDENCIES) and funding for all of our nation’s childrens hospitals on Sept 30. The current plan would force many smaller pediatric training programs particularly the primary care based programs to have to close their doors to new residents. Larger programs would have cut their numbers and cut out benefits and educational funding for research and care for the underserved. It also cuts crucial funding to all childrens hospitals many of whom (like mine) give care to children who otherwise would have limited access to care. Ironically we desperately need more pediatricians in the US, particularly primary care doctors yet this plan would make it nearly impossible for us to expand our numbers and would in fact CUT THE numbers of pediatricians that graduate every year!

My patients don’t have a buck and they don’t have a vote, they can’t buy their own health insurance/health savings account/or even barter a chicken in exchange for their care. So no matter your opinion or political affiliation, stand up for your children and grandchildren (Not to mention all my people who always get the shaft any way (all the gimptastic, disabled kids who need health care so they can grow up and become politically incorrect pediatricians if they want)).They are the future voters, physicians, teachers, politicians and citizens of this country. They are also the patients whom if we don’t provide care for now will be the future citizens on disability, medicaid and welfare.

Please help me support children! Please help me by clicking on the link through the National Association of Childrens Hospitals and sending a letter through their program to your representative. (it will link you to the right people in your area through the link and it took me exactly 125 seconds) (or if you have more free time than me and feel inclined write your own letter). Make sure to note your local Children’s Hospital or a Hospital that has made a difference in your life or the life of your child or grandchildren!!!!!!!




(just another American voter who just works 90 hours a week to takes care of other people’s babies who apparently are just not that important)

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