Transition State

April 8, 2010 Amy Disability StuffMedical SchoolMissionsMy MomRandomThe Future

….What colors do you want your kitchen to be?  Sofa bed or day bed in the office/guest room? Which car insurance agency to do you want?  What is the interest on your student loan?  What is Ohio’s policy on handicapped parking? Have you thought about investments???…


For just a moment I would like to bask in the moment that I am done with school for all intensive purposes.  Other than three weeks of casual lectures. I am done with medical school.

No more exams, no more adult patients, no more surgery rotations!!!

and now that moment has passed. now we move on to whats really important when you graduate from medical school at 25…becoming an adult.

A real one.

I am bad at it.  For starters…life has been prolonged series of camping trips since well birth…  I go somewhere, I sleep there for a while then I move on. I don’t know what color I want my kitchen or what kind of slip covers I want or where one even really goes to furnish a house… When I imagined myself as a grown up…I imagined a small soviet bloc style apartment or small falling down African house/flat filled with a lot of ethnic art, books, photographs, doctor stuff and stock piled peanut butter in rubber maid containers next to the rubber maid containers of Gideon bibles (in a language that only i speak) and buttons that misguided yet well meaning churches send me and I use as coffee tables. Eventually there will be a husband and kids smooshed in the tiny, tiny flat  too.  I have no idea how to set up house in America especially as a doctor. Apparently doctors are very respectable and have color coordination and matching hand towels. Why didn’t they cover this in medical school?

Insurance…well I have been uninsurable off of my parents’ insurance up to this point. All I know is insurance companies hate me because I was born gimptastic.  There are now like mutliple plans that all cover me now because I have the title of doctor and I work at Childrens.  How do I choose? What’s the difference? Can I just barter brownies for hip x-rays? Is that an option?

Money…never had any of my own…ever.  What little I did have to my name I spend on plane tickets for “camping trips” and food. I have no idea what one does with money that does not go to eating…apparently  one goes to IKEA and buys sofa beds…thats what my Mom said to do.  Then there are taxes and my student loans according to my Dad eats up the rest of it.

Well I have been an adult now for four days. I think I am done. I am ready to retire.

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